The beginning!

Before I buy I want to know!

Is it decent, does it live up to the hype, is the yarn what others say it is?

Then there is the where to buy from question!

This is often more important than how decent the yarn or fibre is. Does the store live up to the hype, do they ship quickly and with a minimum of fuss? Do they jack up the shipping for the international buyers?
In the case of the indie dyers and fiber and yarn clubs - do they actually end up sending you what you paid for, are they really ghosts who have died and then come back under another name to once again rip you off? Is the dyer called Danielle?

As Ravelry has a 'not customer service' credo I need a place to put this info. In reality the be good to one another doesn't ban bad reviews of stores or yarns but many a crazed fangirl has misread the intention of no customer service and jumped up and down and flounced and flagged any hint of negative reviews. This is a shame because it's hard to know who in the game can be trusted.

So I'm going to start sharing my info about the good, the bad and the downright ugly. I'll be fair and filthy when called for, but straight up I'd like to say I have no interest in the mess other than an unhealthy lust for yarns.
I don't dye, I don't sell and I don't plan on dieing of MS.

I you want to send me info email me at and tell me about your yarn experience and throw in a pic. I won't take your experience verbatim, but it will give me a starting point for my hunt for the good the bad and fugly of both indie dyers, larger dyers and branded yarns.

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